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Spa at Petrarca Hotel TermeSpa at Petrarca Hotel Terme

Address: Piazza Roma 23, Montegrotto Terme, Veneto, 35036, Italy
Avis: 7
Évaluation globale: Le mal
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McRoberts Savolainen

The changing facilities are a bit dated but the pools are fabulous. We went to look at other spas while in the area that may have been more modern and fancier but the pools at the Petrarca spa can’t be beat. We were there both summer and winter. The joy of swimming outdoors in the heated pools at 6 degrees Celsius is terrific. The pools are romantically lit and even though there were other people we felt as if we were in heaven. The admission for non hotel guests is 20 euro per day. You must have a bathing cap and bring your own towels. There a food bar to purchase light meals and drinks. The Olympic pool outdoors is great and there’s plenty of grassy area to relax. All in all the choice of 7 thermal pools is a lot of fun and well worth the value.

I visited Petrarca SPA with some friends on a Monday (Bank Holiday in Italy), the SPA was crowded and full of screaming kids. We bought the access key to the 'RELAX SPA' (costing 5€ more!!!): a small environment with some emotional showers - half of them were not working – a Turkish bath and a sauna. All this with plastic garden chairs in a small connection area. A part from the quantity of people, the building seems suspended in the 80s with no renovation, the bar area is quite desolated as well, in general the feeling is quite uncomfortable. Personally for the same amount of money there are quite a lot of more interesting SPA to go in the same area, much quieter and without any surcharge for poor quality service.
Hallerson Lese

We had heard good things about this spa from local residents in Padova so my wife and I decided to spend a few hours relaxing at the spa. We arrived to find the the place was quite empty. This did not worry us as it was the middle of the day in the middle of the week. The cost 16 Euros to use all of the pools and saunas was in our opinion quite reasonable. I was a little annoyed with the front desk manager who made me come back twice because instead of informing me about the fact that we had to get locks for the lockers at the front desk and that towels were not available in the locker rooms, forced me to return for both. My first impression of the locker rooms was that of an old high run down high school locker room. These facilities we not what we have come to expect from hotel spas. Overlooking these deficiencies, we made our way out the pool area and sun deck. The pools were extremely clean, the various temperatures of the pools and the seating areas were very nice. The steam bath was for me a treat because they provide hoses inside that allow you to rinse yourself with cool water to prevent you from over heating. All in all, our experience was what I would say slightly below average to average, but I guess for 16 euros you probably get what you pay for.
Brandtr Moriceau

they are out of the 50is. The showers (the ones with sliding doors on top of the tub) are just disgusting and cheap. The rooms are more like Motel 8 rooms.
Monsour Legard

i went to the Petrarca Spa in the firsts days of this year january ... we waited one hour before entering no lounge chairs where at our disposition on the first floor only down stairs ... a lot of people inside and we cannot enter in the better part (new swimming pool) because it is at disposition of the guests of the hotel :( no cabinet no guardrobe you had to take with you your bag and to attend it ... no good ... finally you enter into the swimming pool the water was warm perfect and you forgot everything

Not only that it shows it has some years, it's a bit in confusion of ideas: for elderly ladies it is to full of kids, for kids it becomes very fast boring (in the winter). A truly slob in the face is the fact, that on holidays the prices are not only increased, no the reduction for kids till 10 is dropped ! Here are persons in charge which work hard to prove that Italy in sense of kid-care etc. is really the opposite of what foreigner believe ('italians love kids' = strange , with lowest birth-rate of europe and the approach 'kids are getting on the balls , are noisy and better to ban'). Did they ever heard about Family-Pass etc. The cloak roams are charming and narrow like in a 2.WW submarine , all the pleasure you might had you'll forget returning to them after finishing. Nobody controls that persons which rent the locks find even places to put them (many are dropping their cloth there without paying). The kind of mensa, which allows to bring even you own food is charming like canteen of the fire brigade. The advises of not jumping in the water, not bringing food to water, taking showers before getting in the water are heavily ignored (like almost all rules in Italy) and nobody controls or advises it ! Conclusion: the very nice sensation to swim in warm water surrounded by snow (winter) finds a bitter end with the typical lack of detail-care.

I visited the Petrarca Hotel Terme on my last day in Europe. I spent the day swimming in the pools and relaxing on the lounge chairs. It was approximately 20Euros to swim for the day. There were several pools to choose from, including one indoor and one with wheelchair access. There was also a walking in water area with extremely cold water, then extremely hot water. This is supposed to be good for circulation, and was fun to try out. Don't eat the pizza from the poolside bar. Overall, I give this place a rating of 'very good.'

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